Light Dynamics is a spiritual system for Ascension with remarkable meditation and healing methods for rapid progress and connection to Source

Through a series of special ‘energy empowerments’ given during Light Dynamics Courses students experience an awakening and expansion of their consciousness. This shift in consciousness gives you greater clarity about your Life Purpose and gives you the ability to work with very high energy frequencies for healing and personal spiritual growth.

Prepare for Ascension – Reawaken your living relationship with Source

Distinct from other energy healing or spiritual systems, like Reiki and Pellowah, Light Dynamics teaches students to channel the precise energy frequency directly from Source Light that is needed for healing and personal spiritual growth.

You don’t need any previous ‘spiritual’ experience to learn Light Dynamics. Both new and experienced Energy Healers find Light Dynamics an extremely valuable spiritual and energy system to improve the subtlety and strength of their healing work.

Light Dynamics is a powerful system that is ideal for anyone who is serious about:

  • preparing for Ascension,
  • waking up to their powerful connection with Source,
  • becoming a spiritual healer,
  • improving their meditation practice, or
  • seeking more energy, balance, clarity and happiness in their daily life.

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