The new monthly Newsletter Opt-in and introducing the 2019 Spiritual Program

This year I wanted to help those new to Ascension Work and Light Dynamics, as well as current Light Dynamics Students, by providing a program of monthly spiritual focuses in each newsletter that will assist you in raising your vibration, maintaining a spiritual practise and going deeper into how Light Dynamics can be utilised for progressing even farther with your spiritual practises and preparation for Ascension.

To make this all work I have set up a new mailing platform. 

To ensure you receive the free Spiritual Program and the Light Dynamics Newsletter; you must opt-in: Join the Newsletter now!

The newsletters will include a section with links on upcoming Practise Nights and Course dates. I encourage you to share that information with others you feel will benefit from learning Light Dynamics.

I will also be including a regular section on the spiritual books and other spiritual resources I am reading and watching, as I am getting asked very often now what I recommend.

I look forward to sharing this Monthly Spiritual Program with you.

Brightest Blessings,

Jennifer Valente

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