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Learning Light Dynamics has astonishing and profound effects.

Light Dynamics gives you the spiritual tools and energy to live your Life Purpose and achieve lasting positive change in your life.

There are four levels in Light Dynamics; the first three levels are central to Light Dynamics and accelerate ascension preparation and progression, and the Fourth Level is the Teacher Level (which will enable those who have Teacher level to teach and activate Levels 1, 2 and 3 for others).

Each level of Light Dynamics has its own Energy Empowerments: one Initiation, four Energy Activations, and one Alignment per Level. The Light Dynamics courses include special Meditation Practises including working with mandalas in Level One & Two.

During the Light Dynamics Courses you will learn extraordinary Energy Meditations and healing techniques which expand in scope with each progressive level.
Each level of Light Dynamics is transmitted over a two day weekend course. Level 4 (Teacher Channel) has further and significant requirements which must be completed to become a qualified Light Dynamics Teacher Channel. 

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