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Light Dynamics Level 1

The primary purpose of Level One Light Dynamics is to anchor your connection to Source Light Energy

During the Level One Light Dynamics Course we restore your connection to Source Light Energy to profoundly activate your 5D, 6D and 7D light bodies. Light Dynamics Energy Empowerments also allows you to channel Light Encodings (frequencies of Source Light) both for personal healing and, later on in Level Two, to heal others.

Level One Light Dynamics includes intensive Energy Empowerments (‘attunements’):

The Energy Empowerments help you awaken parts of your being which, for most people, lie dormant – greatly accelerating your ability to connect to higher vibrational energies. The Level One course also teaches meditations that help you to tap into higher parts of yourself, in turn allowing you to hold and channel more Light and energy.

Connecting to your ‘higher vibrational’ light bodies is essential to ascension and ‘advanced inner spiritual growth’.

The sooner your bodies (both physical and light bodies) can adapt to holding higher frequency energy, the smoother and quicker you can progress along the ascension pathways. Remember that 5D is just the closest step, but ascension continues even after achieving 5D ascension. Light Dynamics seeds and opens up your potential to progressing through to 7D more easily.

“The meditations taught would have to be the simplest techniques with the most profound results offered in timing that is sometimes incomprehensible to the 3D self, hence the meditation helps to move beyond the limiting aspects of self. Did l prefer the LD healing energy, skills and techniques? Absolutely!”

Jill G.

During the course you will gain an understanding of Light Encodings, how to work with them and why working with Light Encodings will accelerate the expansion of your consciousness and propel you on your ascension pathway.

Level One Course Investment is $450 and is held over two days. Early Bird discounts applies.

Upcoming Level 1 Course Dates:

30-31 July 2022Mystical Dragon
22 Heversham Drive,
Seaford. Victoria.
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