Light Dynamics Level 2

The purpose of Level Two Light Dynamics is both to accelerate the expansion of your consciousness and to integrate your current state of consciousness with your multi-dimensional higher-self consciousness. This will open you more fully to the depth of your Higher Purpose as well increase your general vitality and wellbeing.

“After doing the light dynamics workshops, WOW, I found the shifts in myself amazing, clear and fast. This energy is so amazing, peaceful and smooth. It has opened me up so much more to spirit. I am now using this healing modality in my healing business.”
– Chris Walker

Level Two Energy Empowerments include :

  • 2nd Initiation of Light Dynamics,
  • 4 Level Two Energy Activations,
  • Multi-dimensional Higher Self Alignment.

A fluid and open connection to your multi-dimensional higher-self consciousness allows the power of Source Light to move through you more easily and with greater impact. You can then live and operate with a greater degree of awareness of your place within the whole.

What’s more, you will gain greater clarity and courage to act and live in a way that best serves your progress along ascension. By connecting to your multi-dimensional Higher Self you will come to realise in a very personal way just why your life is so important, and why Source Light needs you to fulfil your path.

Become a Light Dynamics Healing Practitioner

Level Two Light Dynamics expands and deepens your awareness of being part of the whole. Through this process, you will learn how to channel Light Encodings for others and become a Light Dynamics Healing Practitioner.

“I was hoping to gain more knowledge in regard to meditation but this went beyond that. The experience was incredible and beautiful and I believe the start of something very special. The course has given me a more precise and quicker way of accessing information from the Source, through a series of meditation techniques. It is just luxury to experience the sensations of the different meditations and to be with likeminded people.”
– Louise Bellamy

In the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the role of Universal Dynamic Harmony and how to work safely with the Dark Light Frequencies, to bring healing and assist others to return to states of harmony and balance within their consciousness. Read more about Light Dynamics Healing.

Powerful Meditations

During the course, you will learn more Light Dynamics meditation practices that:

  • Expand and deepen those learnt in Level One and enable you to hold and channel ever greater amounts of higher-frequency energy
  • Teach you how to make use of an expanded range of higher frequency energy to accelerate both the raising of your consciousness and your energy vibration
  • Teach you how to anchor Source light encodings for specific intents
  • Deepen your appreciation for exercising creative power responsibly.

Level One Light Dynamics is a compulsory prerequisite and must be completed before progressing and enrolling in Level Two Light Dynamics.

Level 2 Course Dates


6-7 Oct 2018,


Teacher: Jennifer Valente

Venue: Mystical Dragon,

Seaford, Vic

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Level Two Course Investment is $450 and is held over two days.