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Light Dynamics Level 3

Learn to consciously anchor Light Encodings to raise Collective Consciousness that promotes large scale healing and harmony on Earth.

In Level Three Light Dynamics you receive the Energy Empowerments that allow you to operate in ‘unity consciousness’ / ‘collective consciousness’ and to hold the full spectrum of light encodings to 7D. This completes the progressive activations begun in Level One.

Level Three includes the following Energy Empowerments:

There is no duality in 7D. Here, all energy interactions are experienced immediately and simultaneously – with no giver or receiver as such, just interacting energy ripples.

“Some experiences are beyond words. ‘Dynamic’ is an understatement. ‘Light’ feels limited in expressing the layers of illumination. I urge all interested to invest in the illumination of abundant dynamic layers of life made available through the codes unlocked for this course. Be prepared to ride the light wave! Love + light”

Benji M.

The Energy Empowerments of Level Three allow you to operate more fully through your multi-dimensional higher-self reality. They also help you to consciously anchor Light Encodings in order to raise ‘collective consciousness’, something that may promote large scale healing and harmony on Earth.

This process also creates a ‘simultaneous feedback benefit’ (i.e. instant good karma!) as your vibrational state will be boosted with less effort as the collective (of which you are part) continues to raise its vibration.

Ultimately, by helping others collectively in this way, you can simultaneously increase your own vibrational state and expand your consciousness – something that will greatly accelerate your ascension pathway.

During Level Three Light Dynamics, you will learn advanced techniques for healing; other people, spaces and environments, and Collective consciousness. These techniques all involve learning to anchor Light Encodings to raise collective consciousness.

You will learn the meditations to anchor a Source light-encoded connection to Gaia’s light body formations (otherwise known as Gaia’s ascension grid). This connection is of huge importance as it aligns you to Gaia’s consciousness and evolving form, allowing you to ride the energy of her ascension to accelerate your own ascension pathway. It also allows you to carry out deep healing for Gaia in order to boost her ascension pathway.

Level Three profoundly deepens your understanding of what it means to be ‘part of the whole’, along with giving you a critical energy boost that will help you evolve your multi-dimensional higher-self purpose to its fullest potential.

Level One and Level Two Light Dynamics are compulsory prerequisites and must be completed before progressing and enrolling in Level Three Light Dynamics. Level Three Course Investment is $500 and is held over two days. Generally there is only one Level Three Light Dynamics course held per year unless there is very great demand, which has occurred in the past. In that situation another date in December will be opened for a second course.

4-5 Dec 2021Mystical Dragon,
22 Heversham Drive,
Seaford, Victoria
Enrolments are Not Open Yet

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