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What is Light Dynamics?

Light Dynamics is an original meditation, healing and ascension pathway which, through a series of special ‘energy empowerments’ (similar to a Reiki ‘attunement’), helps raise and expand your consciousness while reawakening in you a living tangible connection with Source. This shift in consciousness will not just give you greater clarity about your Life Purpose, it will also give you the ability to work with very high energy frequencies, both for healing and personal growth.

In essence, Light Dynamics is an energy and spiritual practice providing an accelerated Ascension pathway.

Light Dynamics was channeled from Source Light through Jennifer Valente, who completed anchoring it into this dimension in late 2011. Throughout 2012 Jennifer continued to channel material to deepen the understanding of the Light Dynamics Energies and began teaching in mid-2012.

It is first and foremost, a set of powerful techniques and energy empowerments which operate at the level of pure consciousness that then unfolds into energy and physical change.

Light Dynamics was channeled and anchored for the spiritual development of humankind as a tool to accelerate the expansion of consciousness, inner growth and, ultimately, provide an Ascension pathway. Light Dynamics has three main Levels of Energy Empowerments and an additional Teacher Channel Level.

Light Dynamics is ideally suited for all people ready to commit to making positive and lasting change in their life. People with meditation or energy work experience who would like to take their spiritual life to a much deeper level benefit immensely from learning Light Dynamics. The Energy Empowerments help expand consciousness and connect Light Dynamics practitioners more fully to Source, as well as opening up powerful healing abilities.

Light Dynamics is ideal for all people ready to commit to making positive and lasting change in their life.

Light Dynamics enables practitioners to connect to whichever precise energy frequency is needed for insight and to heal themselves and others. As a result, it works in a much more targeted and subtle manner. This, naturally, requires more skill and dedicated practice than something like Reiki; but in time enables Light Dynamics practitioners to more accurately work with Source Light to meet the unique and changing circumstances faced in daily life.

Since Light Dynamics connects practitioners more fully to Source, it is particularly effective in helping people connect to the Higher Purpose of their lives. Learning and practising Light Dynamics will help give you greater clarity about which direction would be most fulfilling and allow you to live a truly happy and inspired life.

The Key Components of Light Dynamics:

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The Benefits of Light Dynamics

Light Dynamics is principally a spiritual energy system for personal inner growth and progression towards Ascension. Many see Light Dynamics as simply another energy healing system, but while it does certainly enable you to give and receive powerful energy healing, the shifts in consciousness that result from the Energy Empowerments are actually the most important part of the system.

Light Dynamics provides a means to bypass much of the difficult struggle one typically experiences in raising consciousness and vibration (emotional, physical and spiritual), making it easier to adapt to higher dimensional living. Light Dynamics is very much about making the natural process of ascension faster and smoother – allowing you to awaken to your full potential and Higher Purpose.

The positive shifts in consciousness that arise from the Light Dynamics Energy Empowerments are actually the most significant benefit. They rapidly open up a beautiful space of bliss and deep connection to Source within you.

Benefits of Receiving Light Dynamics Energy Empowerments:

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Light Dynamics Healing

Students who have received Level 2 Light Dynamics are able to provide Energy Healing for others using Light Codes to effect change at the spiritual/consciousness level which filters down to positive changes in manifest form; i.e. healing on mental, emotional and physical levels. It is a very deep form of healing as it realigns the client’s energy to the principle energy pattern of their higher self so that the client can integrate and resonate strongly with their higher self, vitality and purpose.

Light Dynamics Healing is an effective way to assist people who feel out of touch with themselves and their purpose, who struggle on a daily basis to make positive shifts in their lives and who are seeking a way to feel reconnected and integrated.

A Light Dynamics Healing does not replace having the Light Dynamic Energy Empowerments but is a way to begin the process of activating and aligning your 12 Strand DNA and reconnect to your Higher Self and life purpose. It is a healing of consciousness which results in healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Every consciousness is evolving to ascension; to ever higher states of existence. Light Dynamics is a pathway to evolving consciousness. The expanding state of consciousness leads to awakening self healing and energy healing abilities to help others.

Consciousness is the source of your current manifest reality, by healing and shifting the alignment of what your consciousness is connecting to, i.e. by reconnecting to your higher self, you can effect positive change in your manifest reality. For this reason, Light Dynamics Healing is very effective to assist in letting go and releasing dis-ease, trauma and old habits/life patterns which you no longer desire. Light Dynamics Healing is also effective in healing cellular memory and psychic injuries.

The Light Codes accessed during a Light Dynamics healing session are from the light of Source, ‘the all that is’, and allows the client to reconnect to their place, purpose and vitality within ‘the all that is’.

A Light Dynamics Healing takes approximately one hour, and involves both hands-on and hands-off healing where the client is lying down, while fully clothed, in a serene environment. Clients may experience a wide range of energy sensations or very little at all; each client’s experience is totally their own. Afterwards there is a sense of clarity, wellness and reconnection that lasts and increases in strength as over time.

When you complete studying Level One and Level Two Light Dynamics you will become a Light Dynamics Healer.

You can arrange to receive a Light Dynamics Healing with Jennifer, the founder of Light Dynamics, or with another Light Dynamics Healer.

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