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Covid-19 update and its impact on Light Dynamics

Dear Lightworkers

The seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic cannot be understated, nor the need to remain calm, conscientious and kind. I am committed to the health and safely of clients and students, as well as continuing to provide spiritual guidance and support during these difficult times.

With recent government announcements regarding new requirements for physical distancing; I will not be seeing clients or teaching in-person until the government advice and requirements to manage Covid-19 change.

The biggest change for the time being is shifting the delivery of my spiritual services to online delivery. While this is not possible for Courses, it is something I can adapt for our Practice Nights. Please be aware that course dates for 2020 have been closed for the time being.

An Online Light Dynamics Practice Night has been announced for students this Friday 27 March 2020 at 7pm. Light Dynamics Students wishing to join me online please RSVP now at

Thank you to those who have shown their support and understanding with these changes.

On another note, we lightworkers and spiritual people have much to contribute in many forms of support to our families, our neighbours and wider communities. There is a lot information flying around about Covid-19 and I wish to express the need to take your health and safety seriously. Covid-19 is real and when we are asked to stay home and practise physical distancing that is absolutely what you should be doing. I am aware there are other factors and situations also at play, however your best option right now is to remain calm, be conscientious and use your time wisely.

There is a very big red pill for society unfolding as we witness history.

You may be interested to check out the following YouTube videos for some insight.

Remember just take what resonates and leave the rest.

THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal:

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED:

David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II:

Above all, during these difficult times: Be kind. Be adaptable.

In Service and with Bright Blessings,


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The Spiritual Art of Generosity

This topic seems like a no-brainer and for the most part that is true. It cultivates good Karma and that helps raise your vibration. It helps strengthen your empathy and compassion and promotes acts of kindness – all really really great things for ascension and spiritual cultivation.

The “Art” aspect comes into play when “we just don’t feel like it”, that is, when apathy takes hold. Other times its just the idea of “I have enough to do, I cant do more”. There a many limiting beliefs that come up as excuses for why, in this particular moment or situation, we cannot be generous. The spiritual challenge is to be aware of that limitation and act to clear it – free yourself of it.

The Mastery of Generosity is in the form of unconditional giving. It does not means martyring yourself to give to others. It really means that your own cup is full and overflowing to such a point your giving is unencumbered – you can give freely, without burden to yourself, looking for an ego trip and without the expectations of others or reciprocity. Generosity at this level takes practise and is well worth aiming for as these are true acts of love and kindness with wisdom.

Generosity in Action

It’s really good to contemplate these ideas and allow yourself to integrate that wisdom. It is also powerful to look for ways to apply the wisdom in your daily spiritual practise.

So the simplest application of generosity is to donate something – an item, some money or even your attention, energy or time. The key is to give unconditionally that brings benefit to someone else. Is there something thing you can do this week or this month to cultivate generosity more in your spiritual and daily life?

Generosity has a lot to do with gratitude too; for when we know how we are blessed it is easy to share that feeling and mindset with others. If you are feeling too stuck or stressed to even think about being generous, it is good to start with a gratitude practise. Keep a written list, and grow it every day by adding 3 things that, for today, you are grateful for having in your life.

Blessings come big and small, and happen whether we notice them or not. We feel so much better however when we do bring awareness to our daily blessings and become aware of how Source is working with us.

You can also strengthen spiritual qualities using Light Dynamics. I would tackle this in two steps; a clearing-healing meditation and then a strengthening meditation. 

The clearing healing meditation is to help you release any blockages or old karma that may be interfering with your cultivation of generosity. In first form pyramid use the custom call down ending “- to receive the Light I now require to clear any hinderances to my ability to be generous.”

A strengthening meditation is to set a focused intent to work with Source on a daily basis to integrate the quality you want to cultivate into your daily awareness and activities. To so this use first form pyramid with the custom call down ending “- to receive the Light I now require to remain aware of when and how I can be more generous in daily life and I ask for the light of courage to act on it”.

What I’m Reading

David Wilcock is an author I’ve been following for a little while now as he has done a great deal of work putting together hard science research that validates Source, or as David calls it; The Source Field. These books present the science in a easy and clear to understand way. His books I recommend anyone interested in getting a better understanding of the real life fact of Source and Ascension should read are;
Lastly, Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine is available for pre-order. I’ve already got my pre -order and cant wait for this book to release on 20 Aug 2019. I think it will be an excellent read given what I’ve read of David’s books so far.

You can also check out David Wilcock on and youtube, or his website, Divine Cosmos. Similar to David Icke’s material, David Wilcock will challenge your reality in a good way. I always feel uplifted and motivated after reading or listening David Wilcock’s material. I hope you find it as valuable as I have.

My final recommendation is to get all your Spiritual Books at your fingertips with the all new Kindle Paperwhite (– Now Waterproof with twice the Storage (8GB) !!!). I simply love mine and it has amazing battery life so you can read for as long as you like and be a night owl like me.

Wishing the Brightest of Blessings until next time,

Jennifer Valente

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