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The Bliss of Feeling Blessed

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to fuel your soul life with. Learning to tap into that gratitude on a daily basis is an important spiritual skill to cultivate and profoundly works to shift your reality and dance with Source Light opening up amazing experiences of synchronicity brimming with the blessings of divine flow.

Winter on the other hand tends to bring the grouch out in people as they complain about the cold, the rain, feeling depressed and lousy as the cold and flu season rolls in. Many years ago, I had a business mentor advise me that if I was going to run a stand at expos that I should be doing it through winter. I ask why and their response was people’s moods follow the weather and turn darker and more depressed, so during winter people are searching more keenly for a miracle reprieve.

I thought the advice rather cynical at the time, but over the years it’s a pattern I too recognize as being a general truth. My question is why is that so? Why are people so affected by something as external as the weather when they have free will to choose to be as they wish?

Contemplating this, I reasoned it has more to do with Un-awareness and the human need for comfort. If you are aware; it follows you can choose to exercise your free will to set your mood. However, those who are still sleepy with un-awareness simply forget they have such power and fall habitually into complaining over whatever is causing their diminished comfort.

That’s the key to gratitude right there: Awareness. The old adage of Count your Blessings relies on your noticing their existence in your life.

A simple spiritual practice to cultivate gratitude and tame your complaining monkey mind is to NOTICE when you’re complaining and what you’re complaining about. THEN thank your mind for bringing this issue to your awareness and shift your focus on to a way to solve and improve the situation. Take the necessary action to solve the issues or Call Down the Light to move it in unseen ways with Source Light. NOW thank your brain for being clever to solve it or direct your gratitude and trust that Source Light will move as it needs to.

Turn every complaint into an opportunity for gratitude by transforming the situations into something you can be grateful for. Learning to do this daily will train you to activate your blissful flow where I am Blessed is your reality and life is beautiful.

Honestly, it does not take much effort to notice 5 things in your life right now that you can be grateful about. Where that is actually a person who you’re grateful to, then make sure you let them know. Gratitude is the love we give back for the love and kindness we receive.

So, count your blessings; for you are truly blessed in many ways and let your gratitude shine. Even on a cold winter’s day.

What I’m reading

I was guided to look deeper into my own light work and soul expression over the past few months (all the while managing a house move as well). I was bread-crumbed to a rather enthusiastic author Derek Rydall and his book Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. It is a powerful and inspiring read; one I have taken in stages as I explore the ideas and concepts he presents. I really enjoy his use of symbolism to reach deeply into the subconscious recesses of my mind to affect shift and personal insight.

Derek’s work blends in very nicely with Light Dynamics concepts, in particular; the Higher Self Blueprint – where the focus on personal empowerment is not about transforming who you are into some ideal version but rather allowing your true self space to emerge. This mirrors how we work with Light Dynamics in Level Two to align ourselves to our Higher Self Blueprint – the basis being our true perfect expression of self in the All is already existing, just waiting for us to reach alignment with to fulfil its expression through our existence. If you’re looking for some life motivating material I can certainly recommend reading Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.

Much joy to you,