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Covid-19 update and its impact on Light Dynamics

Dear Lightworkers

The seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic cannot be understated, nor the need to remain calm, conscientious and kind. I am committed to the health and safely of clients and students, as well as continuing to provide spiritual guidance and support during these difficult times.

With recent government announcements regarding new requirements for physical distancing; I will not be seeing clients or teaching in-person until the government advice and requirements to manage Covid-19 change.

The biggest change for the time being is shifting the delivery of my spiritual services to online delivery. While this is not possible for Courses, it is something I can adapt for our Practice Nights. Please be aware that course dates for 2020 have been closed for the time being.

An Online Light Dynamics Practice Night has been announced for students this Friday 27 March 2020 at 7pm. Light Dynamics Students wishing to join me online please RSVP now at

Thank you to those who have shown their support and understanding with these changes.

On another note, we lightworkers and spiritual people have much to contribute in many forms of support to our families, our neighbours and wider communities. There is a lot information flying around about Covid-19 and I wish to express the need to take your health and safety seriously. Covid-19 is real and when we are asked to stay home and practise physical distancing that is absolutely what you should be doing. I am aware there are other factors and situations also at play, however your best option right now is to remain calm, be conscientious and use your time wisely.

There is a very big red pill for society unfolding as we witness history.

You may be interested to check out the following YouTube videos for some insight.

Remember just take what resonates and leave the rest.

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Above all, during these difficult times: Be kind. Be adaptable.

In Service and with Bright Blessings,