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2020: Focus your efforts on your Higher-Self path

I live in Australia and had family near the suburban bushfires in Melbourne this month. Many of my families beloved alpine forest have been destroyed by the bushfires. My family and I pulled together donations when the CFA put the call out for that assistance. Even though we are safely living in suburbia it has affected us, our house smelt of that distinctive campfire smell for a couple of weeks and smoke haze still lingers across Melbourne and Victoria. It has been a reminder of how quickly things can change and 2020 is shaping up to be a dramatic year for transformation.

Back in February 2009, we had devasting bushfires that affected my friend’s farms and homes. I have been reminded of those days too recently. Back in 2009, I spent nearly 16 hours straight in meditation; astral projecting to a few key locations to provide spiritual protection to my friends’ homes and properties in Garfield North and Drouin West as the Bunyip State Forest burned.

My friend in Garfield North had a dam on her farm and was staying to ensure the CFA could access her water. We’d been calling back and forth a few times, and when I realized how bad the situation was, I told her not to call me as I’d be heading there in Spirit to protect her place and our other friends’ home in Drouin West.

I had set myself up at home on my floor cushion, entered meditation and astral projected myself to over the State Forest, the farm in Garfield North, and over the house at Drouin West. I was astrally in three places at once. I projected golden energy domes over the properties and was negotiating with the elemental fire spirits at the forest. It was exhausting but as I would find out, it worked.

When I called my friends the next day to see how they were going, their feedback was remarkable. At the farm, my friend said she watched the embers flying over her head and the property, and she described that it was like they hit an invisible wall at the boundary fence and when out – just blowing ash over her property, completely protecting her from ember attack. My friend in Drouin, had been evacuated for most of the previous day and had been allowed back. She shared that her house had survived but most of the neighbor’s homes in her street had not. Most incredibly she told me that her wood panel back fence was charred and burnt on one side only – the side facing her home was unburnt.

I was relieved and astonished I’d managed to make a sustainable difference for them, by just using my spiritual and psychic gifts.

This year, I did similar work and worked with Source. Along with the thousands of people worldwide, I meditated for rain and healing for the land, fauna and people. When I tuned into the forests, I saw a sea of soul lights like an ocean of stars; my heart ached as I realized these were the souls of the wildlife that had perished in the fires. From them, I worked daily to heal and cross those souls into the light.

I have given thanks when our typically hot dry summer weather has shifted to being rainy with milder days – more like early spring. Watching the weather in Melbourne over the past 10 days makes me smile because it’s the result of a shared positive intention. Humanity working together with positively aligned consciousness really does change the world. Each individual’s effort contributes to the whole. This is also the basis for our collective ascension.

When you put in the effort to raise your consciousness, your vibration and spiritual development, the advancement you make benefits more than just you- you help change the whole world.

I’m nothing special – what I can do others can do. It just takes the intention and effort to advance yourself. All the fruits of those efforts naturally follow on and just like me, you’ll amaze yourself on what you can accomplish.

Last year during a Practice Night, I had two Level 3 students share a story about their own feat of weather manipulation. They had been boating with friends out on the bay and noticed a rather strong storm rolling in. They had used up their fuel, so were relying on sailing to get them back to harbor. Their friend who was driving the boat voiced concern that they will not make it back before the storm hit as he estimated it would take them another two hours to sail back.

My students recounted having a “Oh crap” moment, when one student remembers they could call in Source Light, which they did; requesting they be safe and get back before the storm hit. Suddenly, after working with Source the wind shifted and picked up their sails increasing their speed. My student had said, “We got back so early after that, that the storm only hit when we were back in our cars”.

That story is remarkable but it should be mundane; since this is what is always available to us when we work with Source.

2020 has began with an unusual intensity. My advice for the year ahead is to focus your energy on creating your hearts desires and align yourself with greater integrity to your Higher-self path. 2020 brings all of us great opportunity to leap forward with our preparations for Ascension, individually and collectively. Choose to live daily with increasing love and mindfulness, strengthen your living relationship with Source and become more active in your Service to Others.

What I’ve been following:

Disclosure Down Under was held in Melbourne last weekend. I had the opportunity to attend and found the weekend very interesting. They had a number of guest speakers from the US, and I was impressed by the talks given by both James Gillard (ECETI) and Jordan Sather (Destroying The Illusion).

In particular, Jordan’s talk covered an in-depth overview of Q and QANON. I’ve been following developments with Q since I came across the material via David Wilcock’s work.

Check out this video to understand the mission of the QAnon operation:

Q – The Plan To Save The World

Q uses an anonymous forum to publish drops on 8kun (previously on 4chan and 8chan). Those new to such forums will most likely have a hard time sifting though the posts as navigating those sites is a learning curve and also the fact these are uncensored websites, meaning they include content that looks like the wild west of the internet (you’ve been warned). It is much easier to follow Q drop updates on or, and I strongly recommend those over visiting 8kun for those new to Q.

The Q drops really form a back channel for disseminating information directly to the public that is otherwise being heavily censored across the internet and demonstrates that there are people trying to free our world from the grip of those who would see us controlled and suppressed. If you’re interested to learn more about the issue of internet censorship, it is covered in detail in David Wilcock’s article “Declas: Social Media Nukes An Entire Generation: But Why?“.

I encourage you to check out Jordan’s Destroying The Illusion YouTube channel as he regularly publishes updates on Q drops and his analysis of USA and world events as they relate to disclosure and the wakening of humanity to the world we live in. It is fair enough to say that the veil over people’s eyes is being cleared and that presents each of us an opportunity to evaluate what we align to and to step more powerfully and more actively into Service to Others.