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The Bliss of Feeling Blessed

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to fuel your soul life with. Learning to tap into that gratitude on a daily basis is an important spiritual skill to cultivate and profoundly works to shift your reality and dance with Source Light opening up amazing experiences of synchronicity brimming with the blessings of divine flow.

Winter on the other hand tends to bring the grouch out in people as they complain about the cold, the rain, feeling depressed and lousy as the cold and flu season rolls in. Many years ago, I had a business mentor advise me that if I was going to run a stand at expos that I should be doing it through winter. I ask why and their response was people’s moods follow the weather and turn darker and more depressed, so during winter people are searching more keenly for a miracle reprieve.

I thought the advice rather cynical at the time, but over the years it’s a pattern I too recognize as being a general truth. My question is why is that so? Why are people so affected by something as external as the weather when they have free will to choose to be as they wish?

Contemplating this, I reasoned it has more to do with Un-awareness and the human need for comfort. If you are aware; it follows you can choose to exercise your free will to set your mood. However, those who are still sleepy with un-awareness simply forget they have such power and fall habitually into complaining over whatever is causing their diminished comfort.

That’s the key to gratitude right there: Awareness. The old adage of Count your Blessings relies on your noticing their existence in your life.

A simple spiritual practice to cultivate gratitude and tame your complaining monkey mind is to NOTICE when you’re complaining and what you’re complaining about. THEN thank your mind for bringing this issue to your awareness and shift your focus on to a way to solve and improve the situation. Take the necessary action to solve the issues or Call Down the Light to move it in unseen ways with Source Light. NOW thank your brain for being clever to solve it or direct your gratitude and trust that Source Light will move as it needs to.

Turn every complaint into an opportunity for gratitude by transforming the situations into something you can be grateful for. Learning to do this daily will train you to activate your blissful flow where I am Blessed is your reality and life is beautiful.

Honestly, it does not take much effort to notice 5 things in your life right now that you can be grateful about. Where that is actually a person who you’re grateful to, then make sure you let them know. Gratitude is the love we give back for the love and kindness we receive.

So, count your blessings; for you are truly blessed in many ways and let your gratitude shine. Even on a cold winter’s day.

What I’m reading

I was guided to look deeper into my own light work and soul expression over the past few months (all the while managing a house move as well). I was bread-crumbed to a rather enthusiastic author Derek Rydall and his book Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. It is a powerful and inspiring read; one I have taken in stages as I explore the ideas and concepts he presents. I really enjoy his use of symbolism to reach deeply into the subconscious recesses of my mind to affect shift and personal insight.

Derek’s work blends in very nicely with Light Dynamics concepts, in particular; the Higher Self Blueprint – where the focus on personal empowerment is not about transforming who you are into some ideal version but rather allowing your true self space to emerge. This mirrors how we work with Light Dynamics in Level Two to align ourselves to our Higher Self Blueprint – the basis being our true perfect expression of self in the All is already existing, just waiting for us to reach alignment with to fulfil its expression through our existence. If you’re looking for some life motivating material I can certainly recommend reading Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.

Much joy to you,


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Illumination through Spiritual Crisis

There is no doubt in my mind that while on our spiritual path we all experience a Spiritual Crisis at some point. It can be a very raw and intense experience, yet Source is with us and guiding us to the best version of who we can be the whole way through. It takes courage and integrity to move through a spiritual crisis and even though it can feel isolating, we just need to turn our awareness to Source’s connection with us and we then realize Source has our back, the whole Universe is with us.

For many of us, this is how our awakening began – in chaos and crisis. Where everything we thought we knew dissolved, our illusions shattered and our life felt like it was splitting at the seams. We felt confused and overwhelmed with ascension symptoms; feeling unable to find our feet on solid ground. The Tower card from the tarot is a good representation of this state of crisis. Maybe some of us are still experiencing elements of this.

Spiritual crisis can also present as a creeping soul weariness when we begin to doubt our progress and the meaning of it all. We understand the purging process which is part of letting go the things that no longer serves us. We’ve overcome so many challenges and faced aspects of our shadow self. We have learnt insights, lessons and gathered spiritual tools and techniques. We understand that consistent effort leads to progress. We have grown and healed so much on so many levels. Yet we find ourselves looking out towards the horizon and seeing our path stretch out ahead of us endlessly and we lose sight of the destination as it blurs into the haze of the horizon – we lose momentum as our hope fades – we wonder what’s the point? As doubt seeps in and we feel weary – deeply weary. The spiritual crisis arises as a conflict between keeping going or giving up.

Sounds dramatic, right? Well, it’s not called the dark night of the soul for nothing.

Awaking is profound and it’s a process. Many come into spiritual development looking for the End Game Result – the cool, I’ve arrived moment, where we can celebrate because we are done. The reality is our cultivation of spirit is a journey with many moments of arriving and then setting off again for the next adventure.

Spiritual crisis is actually a boon – a blessing in disguise. Our greatest triumphs and wisdom insights are often born from the cathartic and transformative experiences faced during the challenges that crisis brings to us. It’s important to learn to shift our perspective to seeing a spiritual crisis as an opportunity for profound progress, rather than resisting it. Remember, what looks like destruction to the seed is growth to the plant. How we choose to respond to the challenges we face dictates whether we wither, survive or thrive.

Once we are able to shift our approach to the situation by seeing it as an opportunity, there are three key aspects we need to work with to progress through a spiritual crisis and thrive.

1. Cultivate Resolve and Endurance

Resolve and Endurance are important spiritual qualities to develop and strengthen. However, it’s not about being better at suffering more, i.e. being a better martyr. No, no, these tenacious qualities help us stay solution focused and therefore help us move through our spiritual crisis with greater efficiency, even if it turns into a long-haul effort.

When I say cultivate resolve, the kind of resolve I’m talking about is a badass superhero attitude – its empowered fortitude of Will.

Being strong-willed gets a bad rapt because arrogance, willfulness and egocentric attitudes are more often associated with it. These are shadow aspects of strong Willpower and we need to be mindful not to dwell in them. However, Will is like magick, it’s neither good nor bad. Willpower is coloured by intent. Willpower is the directed force of intent. Resolve is the quality that makes our Will unwavering.

Resolve is strengthened by knowing what we stand for. Last month, we talked about figuring out our Guiding Lights – the principles we choose to lead our life by. Resolve is what we gain when we choose to stand our ground on what we stand for. When we merge fortitude with our convictions, we gain the energy and quality of spiritual resolve.

Our spiritual resolve fuels our endurance. When clarity or hope fades, our spiritual resolve grounds and refocuses us. From that place, we can find the energy and endurance to keep going – to continue taking the steps we need to move through the spiritual crisis.

There are also times on our path when our spiritual resolve will be tested. This often comes after we have made a big choice and life change, where Source tests if this new energy and way of being is really what we want to resonate with. We deal with this by affirming our choice for a better life and continue to strengthen our resolve around our choice.

2. Access Spiritual Resources and Support

Go talk with friends or go get that healing. Access the support needed by making the effort to reach out and ask for help.

When we reach out to the community around us, it gives us the opportunity to understand our spiritual crisis in terms of those who may have walked our part of the path before. Learn from that wisdom, heal from that support because all of that helps integrate a new awareness and perspective on our experiences. Never underestimate the value in vicarious learning and insight – it smooths our path immeasurably.

3. Embrace and Integrate the Change

One of the most important insights to understand about a spiritual crisis is that it is cathartic transformation. Spiritual Crisis has a directional energy about it, where the experiences move us from one state of being to another. It’s common for us to resist the process which escalates the crisis because we don’t feel ready or capable of change.

To move through a spiritual crisis, we need to work on gaining clarity and acceptance that we are changing – embrace the shift or lesson. Once we allow ourselves to grow and change, the resistances begin to lessen, their hold over us fades and the intensity of the crisis begins to ease.

Over time we shift our effort to integrating the wisdom of the lesson brought up through the spiritual crisis. The crisis will be fully over when we have completed this integration.

More Tips on Working Through Spiritual Crisis

Personally, I find working with affirmations very powerful in strengthening resolve and endurance. This can work with something simple like “I’m ok, I can do this, there is a way.” Remember to always phase affirmations in the positive aspect and the present moment.

Light Dynamics Students can use first form Light Pyramid Meditation with a custom call down ending in “To receive the light I now require to move through this crisis with ease and grace”. The custom call down can be further tailored to be more specific to the circumstance.

Sometimes the crisis is not as intense, just a feeling of being lost or off the path. In that situation booking in a Light Dynamics Healing or working with Third Form Light Pyramid Meditation to strengthen the embodied alignment to the higher self is most useful.

Remember to use the spiritual tools and techniques you’ve learnt. Affirm your connection to Source and trust the All That Is has your back. Be kind and patient with yourself, you are always making the fastest progress you are able to integrate at this moment. Be mindful of the expectations you’ve placed on yourself and let go of any of these where you’ve been too harsh or critical on yourself. Be your own best coach.

As the old saying goes – a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one. Remember that when you look upon your path far out to the horizon. You can do it – just take the next step.

What I’m reading

I found another book of channelled St Germain material called The Light-Worker’s Companion by Amanda Guggenheimer. It’s a great little read jammed packed full with information about the spiritual cosmology of Light Beings assisting humanity with Ascension at this time. It covers a good discussion about the process of Ascension and the roles of Lightworkers. I know many of you have been called to the Lightworker’s path, so will find many useful nuggets of information in its pages.


Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings until next time,
Jennifer Valente

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The Light of Love

Spiritual practise without morality is an ego-driven facade and, yet, morality for the most part is simply presumed, that is we generally believe “I am good person”. The tough and terrible question that arises next is “On what basis is that true?” 

Morality guides behaviour according to a standard. Yet it’s fair to ask; who sets this standard? 

For much of humanity’s history it has been religious organisations that pronounce these standards as commandments – the almighty “Thou Shalt Not….” or the multitudes of rules for conduct over what is clean or unclean behaviour. Every religion has this structure or dogma that defines the set of morally and ethically acceptable behaviours. Even systems of spiritual practise like Reiki have guiding principles for moral behaviour.

For example, let’s look at *honesty* in a few different systems:  

  • Reiki – “Earn your living honestly”  
  • Buddhism – “To abstain from taking what is not given” and “To abstain from false speech”  
  • Christianity – “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”  
  • Islam – The aspect of Adab of Sharia Law which governs Islamic etiquette: refinement, good manners, morals, decorum, decency, humaneness  
  • Judaism – The Torah (holy text) lists hundreds of mitzvah (commandments), including to avoid falsehood -Exodus 23:7  
  • Hinduism – from ‘The Ten Vedic Restraints’ (Yama) – Truthfulness (Satya): to adhere to truthfulness, refraining from lying and betraying promises. Speak only that which is true, kind, helpful and necessary.  
  • Wicca – from the long Rede of the Wiccae: “Bide the Wiccan Laws we must, In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Live and let live, Fairly take and fairly give.”
  • And finally, a modern-day secular reference from Psychologist Jordan Peterson’s book, “12 Rules for Life”. Jordan wrote a whole chapter on “Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie”  
  • Countless human efforts over thousands of years have sort to define the standards for morality. Some very onerous and consuming in endless rules, others expressed as guiding principles.  

Countless human efforts over thousands of years have sort to define the standards for morality. Some very onerous and consuming in endless rules, others expressed as guiding principles

In modern times, most people following Spirituality have chosen, rather specifically, to not follow a religion or how a religion may define how they should best act or speak.

So, in this circumstance, who sets the standards for moral behaviour?

The answer is you do.  

You bear the responsibility to form and discern from your cultivated wisdom those set of principles that would guide your morality. That is an awfully big responsibility to come up with all on your own. It’s reasonable to look towards a variety of spiritual systems, religious or not, and to the sciences like psychology to flesh out your own moral and ethical guidelines. 

To pursue your spiritual growth, you need to work out the principles that define your ethics and morality. Ideally, they should focus on improving your life and everyone’s, as we are all connected, we are all within Source. Your moral principles ideally should help you stay grounded in your integrity and assist you in navigating challenges, the grey areas of life, with kindness and wisdom. 

In Light Dynamics we see that the All That Is, contains all. The good, the bad, the everything, and yet we get to choose where we resonate on that spectrum. We appreciate that Love is the energy that has the power to contain and forgive even the darkest of things, that Source exists as a dynamic harmony in unconditional love. 

In Light Dynamics we look at morality as guided by the principle of “Harming None” or “primum non nocere,” in Latin and it is also a core concept of the Hippocratic oath. In daily life, the application becomes “reducing harm” as it is virtually impossible to completely avoid causing harm. The principle is also lived as an aspiration, in that you continually strive to fulfil it with ever greater skill, discernment and wisdom. 

Therefore, I don’t advocate an “All -in -one” list that everyone should abide by for maximum benefit. Life is simply more complicated than that.  

I do advocate deep thought and cultivating the discerning reasoning to flesh out the principles you choose to live and be guided by. I personally find spending time in deep mediation with Source discussing my moral dilemmas as they come up in my life to be the most effective ways to navigate difficulties with ease and grace while reducing as much harm as I can. Often Source challenges me back with “what’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation?” 

Maybe that’s the key, the guiding light we need to form; a deep understanding of the light of love. 

Forming your Guiding Lights

Having the personal insight and conviction of truly knowing what you stand for, morally and ethically, is deeply empowering. It helps you be “sure-footed” in a crisis and it helps you navigate life’s complexity with greater ease and grace – reducing your frustrations and consternations.  

When you live with this level of integrity, Karma works for you as you build the conditions for more love, peace, kindness and abundance in your life. Living with this level of integrity is living 5D right now. 

This month I encourage (and challenge) you to undertake this exercise in self refection and personal discovery. 

Spend about a couple of hours or so, brainstorming the ideas, beliefs and convictions you hold, which you feel are guiding the morality and ethics of your life. Of these things you wrote down, discern which are just Politically Correct verses the principles that really bring benefit or reduce harm. 

I would like you to consider this carefully; what is socially acceptable or expected (politically correct behaviours) is not always that same as morally or ethically acceptable. For example, historically, slavery was once socially accepted. 

To illustrate what I mean, check out these three scenes from season 4 episode 21 “The Drumhead,” Star Trek: The Next Generation, which dramatize this dilemma [oh how I love a good Picard speech 😉 ]:  

In his book’s foreword, Jordan Peterson spoke about having a list of nearly 40 principles that he refined down to the 12 that appeared in the final book, “12 Rules for Life”. From the list that truly represents your principles that really bring benefit or reduce harm, see if you can simplify them to a handful that are easy for you to remember. 

Now Consider:

  • What do these principles say about you – the kind of person you are? 
  • If you lived by these through your every moment, what would you produce?  
  • What would your flow of Karma be like?
  • Is this something you want in your life? If not, what refinement to the principles can you make to improve it for yourself and others? 

Reflect on your list. Take it into your Light Pyramid and discuss it with Source.  

This list is your Guiding Lights. It will be further refined over time as you gain additional insight and your wisdom and compassion deepen. 

Your challenge is to then live your life by your Guiding Lights.  

And if you are feeling too challenged by this exercise – maybe you will find some courage in this video “Take aim, even badly”:

What I’m reading

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist who teaches psychology courses around the topics of finding meaning in life. A number of his lectures are freely available on his YouTube channel – Jordan B Peterson. He came to prominence for standing up against compelled speech. Compelled speech is where the state defines what you can or cannot say – in this particular case it was a law about the use of a person’s preferred pronoun. The law is considered to be about equality for LGBQTI people, however Jordan pointed out the law also effectively reduced a person’s right to free speech. For this reason, Jordan is considered a very controversial person in Gender Politics. 

I decided to dig deeper and found that Jordan’s points are very well reasoned and draw upon learning from the lessons of history in particular, the history of Nazism and Stalinism and how ideologies destroy people and societies. My understanding of the overall point Jordan was trying to convey is that labels divide – when a society segments into this group and that group, who then fight each other for equality, the end result is actually less equality/tolerance and room for ideologies like fascism to grow. 

As part of my research, I read his book “12 Rules for Life” and I really recommend it. The book demonstrates what discerning reasoning looks like. Each chapter is a reasoned discussion for the given life principle covered that provides the reader with ways to consider the relevance and worth of the principle. It follows the Buddha example of; here is my advice, but don’t just believe it, understand it for yourself.  

Jordan discusses at length throughout the book the process of balancing Order and Chaos which mirrors the Light Dynamics concept of the dynamic harmony of light and dark. This point alone is why this book is valuable reading for Light Dynamics students. 

The other book I’m reading at the moment is “Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation”. This material is much lighter reading compared Jordan’s book, however it is very timely. Sometimes we have been experiencing Ascension symptoms and working through our purging processes so much that we forget to register our progress. I like the little reminders throughout the book regarding acknowledging when we are in 5D state of consciousness. There are a number of interesting and useful energy practices and meditations to further assist in retaining the 5D state. As a reminder of shifting your thinking from “what is probable, to what is possible” – I recommend this read and have added it to my recommended reading list for Level One students especially. 

Wishing the Brightest of Blessings until next time,
Jennifer Valente

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