The Bliss of Feeling Blessed

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to fuel your soul life with. Learning to tap into that gratitude on a daily basis is an important spiritual skill to cultivate and profoundly works to shift your reality and dance with Source Light opening up amazing experiences of synchronicity brimming with the blessings of divine flow.

Illumination through Spiritual Crisis

There is no doubt in my mind that while on our spiritual path we all experience a Spiritual Crisis at some point. It can be a very raw and intense experience, yet Source is with us and guiding us to the best version of who we can be the whole way through. It takes courage and integrity to move through a spiritual crisis and even though it can feel isolating, we just need to turn our awareness to Source’s connection with us and we then realize Source has our back, the whole Universe is with us.

The Light of Love

To pursue your spiritual growth, you need to work out the principles that define your ethics and morality. Ideally, they should focus on improving your life and everyone’s, as we are all connected, we are all within Source. Your moral principles ideally should help you stay grounded in your integrity and assist you in navigating challenges, the grey areas of life, with kindness and wisdom.