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Illumination through Spiritual Crisis

There is no doubt in my mind that while on our spiritual path we all experience a Spiritual Crisis at some point. It can be a very raw and intense experience, yet Source is with us and guiding us to the best version of who we can be the whole way through. It takes courage and integrity to move through a spiritual crisis and even though it can feel isolating, we just need to turn our awareness to Source’s connection with us and we then realize Source has our back, the whole Universe is with us.

For many of us, this is how our awakening began – in chaos and crisis. Where everything we thought we knew dissolved, our illusions shattered and our life felt like it was splitting at the seams. We felt confused and overwhelmed with ascension symptoms; feeling unable to find our feet on solid ground. The Tower card from the tarot is a good representation of this state of crisis. Maybe some of us are still experiencing elements of this.

Spiritual crisis can also present as a creeping soul weariness when we begin to doubt our progress and the meaning of it all. We understand the purging process which is part of letting go the things that no longer serves us. We’ve overcome so many challenges and faced aspects of our shadow self. We have learnt insights, lessons and gathered spiritual tools and techniques. We understand that consistent effort leads to progress. We have grown and healed so much on so many levels. Yet we find ourselves looking out towards the horizon and seeing our path stretch out ahead of us endlessly and we lose sight of the destination as it blurs into the haze of the horizon – we lose momentum as our hope fades – we wonder what’s the point? As doubt seeps in and we feel weary – deeply weary. The spiritual crisis arises as a conflict between keeping going or giving up.

Sounds dramatic, right? Well, it’s not called the dark night of the soul for nothing.

Awaking is profound and it’s a process. Many come into spiritual development looking for the End Game Result – the cool, I’ve arrived moment, where we can celebrate because we are done. The reality is our cultivation of spirit is a journey with many moments of arriving and then setting off again for the next adventure.

Spiritual crisis is actually a boon – a blessing in disguise. Our greatest triumphs and wisdom insights are often born from the cathartic and transformative experiences faced during the challenges that crisis brings to us. It’s important to learn to shift our perspective to seeing a spiritual crisis as an opportunity for profound progress, rather than resisting it. Remember, what looks like destruction to the seed is growth to the plant. How we choose to respond to the challenges we face dictates whether we wither, survive or thrive.

Once we are able to shift our approach to the situation by seeing it as an opportunity, there are three key aspects we need to work with to progress through a spiritual crisis and thrive.

1. Cultivate Resolve and Endurance

Resolve and Endurance are important spiritual qualities to develop and strengthen. However, it’s not about being better at suffering more, i.e. being a better martyr. No, no, these tenacious qualities help us stay solution focused and therefore help us move through our spiritual crisis with greater efficiency, even if it turns into a long-haul effort.

When I say cultivate resolve, the kind of resolve I’m talking about is a badass superhero attitude – its empowered fortitude of Will.

Being strong-willed gets a bad rapt because arrogance, willfulness and egocentric attitudes are more often associated with it. These are shadow aspects of strong Willpower and we need to be mindful not to dwell in them. However, Will is like magick, it’s neither good nor bad. Willpower is coloured by intent. Willpower is the directed force of intent. Resolve is the quality that makes our Will unwavering.

Resolve is strengthened by knowing what we stand for. Last month, we talked about figuring out our Guiding Lights – the principles we choose to lead our life by. Resolve is what we gain when we choose to stand our ground on what we stand for. When we merge fortitude with our convictions, we gain the energy and quality of spiritual resolve.

Our spiritual resolve fuels our endurance. When clarity or hope fades, our spiritual resolve grounds and refocuses us. From that place, we can find the energy and endurance to keep going – to continue taking the steps we need to move through the spiritual crisis.

There are also times on our path when our spiritual resolve will be tested. This often comes after we have made a big choice and life change, where Source tests if this new energy and way of being is really what we want to resonate with. We deal with this by affirming our choice for a better life and continue to strengthen our resolve around our choice.

2. Access Spiritual Resources and Support

Go talk with friends or go get that healing. Access the support needed by making the effort to reach out and ask for help.

When we reach out to the community around us, it gives us the opportunity to understand our spiritual crisis in terms of those who may have walked our part of the path before. Learn from that wisdom, heal from that support because all of that helps integrate a new awareness and perspective on our experiences. Never underestimate the value in vicarious learning and insight – it smooths our path immeasurably.

3. Embrace and Integrate the Change

One of the most important insights to understand about a spiritual crisis is that it is cathartic transformation. Spiritual Crisis has a directional energy about it, where the experiences move us from one state of being to another. It’s common for us to resist the process which escalates the crisis because we don’t feel ready or capable of change.

To move through a spiritual crisis, we need to work on gaining clarity and acceptance that we are changing – embrace the shift or lesson. Once we allow ourselves to grow and change, the resistances begin to lessen, their hold over us fades and the intensity of the crisis begins to ease.

Over time we shift our effort to integrating the wisdom of the lesson brought up through the spiritual crisis. The crisis will be fully over when we have completed this integration.

More Tips on Working Through Spiritual Crisis

Personally, I find working with affirmations very powerful in strengthening resolve and endurance. This can work with something simple like “I’m ok, I can do this, there is a way.” Remember to always phase affirmations in the positive aspect and the present moment.

Light Dynamics Students can use first form Light Pyramid Meditation with a custom call down ending in “To receive the light I now require to move through this crisis with ease and grace”. The custom call down can be further tailored to be more specific to the circumstance.

Sometimes the crisis is not as intense, just a feeling of being lost or off the path. In that situation booking in a Light Dynamics Healing or working with Third Form Light Pyramid Meditation to strengthen the embodied alignment to the higher self is most useful.

Remember to use the spiritual tools and techniques you’ve learnt. Affirm your connection to Source and trust the All That Is has your back. Be kind and patient with yourself, you are always making the fastest progress you are able to integrate at this moment. Be mindful of the expectations you’ve placed on yourself and let go of any of these where you’ve been too harsh or critical on yourself. Be your own best coach.

As the old saying goes – a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one. Remember that when you look upon your path far out to the horizon. You can do it – just take the next step.

What I’m reading

I found another book of channelled St Germain material called The Light-Worker’s Companion by Amanda Guggenheimer. It’s a great little read jammed packed full with information about the spiritual cosmology of Light Beings assisting humanity with Ascension at this time. It covers a good discussion about the process of Ascension and the roles of Lightworkers. I know many of you have been called to the Lightworker’s path, so will find many useful nuggets of information in its pages.


Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings until next time,
Jennifer Valente